Deleting specific waypoints

When I select different waypoints with Ctrl key, I can move them, but how can I delete them. O have to delete every single of them, which is tiring. I am not talking about deleting all waypoints but specific which I choose. Please help.

Hey, are you compiling Synfig by yourself or using version less than or equals to 1.3.13?

In master branch of development code, you can delete/move/duplicate/scale more than one waypoint at once, even from diferent parameters of same layer.

In released versions (1.3.13), you can select multiple waypoints with delete key via Graphs panel.

I was using Synfig Stable version 1.2.2. I was not using development version because it doesn’t always work properly.

But can you tell me when this feature will be implemented in Synfig to select and remove more than one waypoints?
(This is really a must have feature for any vector animation software)

AFAIK version 1.3.14 is about to be release as a release candidate for next stable version 1.4.

As I said, Graph panel already has this important feature of deletion of multiple waypoints.

The new timetrack is a complete revamp. It isn’t completly tested yet. It’ll probably be released in 1.4.1

You can follow the development reports on synfig social media and

Thanks for letting me know! Waiting for the next stable release :blush: