deleting outline segment from an outlined shape

I have the goal of making an outlined shape with part of the outline removed, but have no idea how to go about doing this.
Here is a little picture to give you an idea of what I’m talking about.

As you can see the tip of Danny’s nose overlays the eye, and this is where my problem starts. I can make a Bline form with an internal region and an outline, but I don’t know how to delete part of this outline, so as not to have a big ring in the middle of the character face.

So, how do I remove part of the outline from the Bline shape?
Also, how do I make just a colored line without finishing the loop, like for making a loose strand of hair.

Have you tried the advanced outlines?

Thank You!

The link led me to a youtube video, which had shown me how to make the strands, but not quite how to fill in the outline ;

  • choose the little ink pot, not the paint bucket.
  • uncheck region and uncheck auto-loop in the tools panel
  • drawn the line

the nose can be made the same way, save for checking the ‘auto-loop’ and ‘create region’ boxes, which does not make a whole black outlined shape, but will give a partial outline and partial fill-in.

This way?

danny.sifz (17.4 KB)

For make the nose I just play with width handle for hide the outline (thanks again Genete :laughing: I was playing with that and I think that is more intuitive that I suspect at begining).