Deleting Animation

I have a problem. I copied and pasted a character into another Synfig project. I want to use the character. But he is moving. I have no keyframes in the project yet. But when I move the cursor in the keyframe timeline, my character is moving and doing the animations from the previous project.

How can I make the character fresh? I want him to have no movements, so I can create new movements for this scene. How can I delete his movements and animations? I need the character to be blank, just standing there and waiting for me to animate him.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Did you take a look to ?


You have to review all the layers and parameters of each layer and do a right click -> Disconnect for any parameter that has a “link” symbol (Grey chain) on it.
It would be interesting to be able to do it automatically (pum for d.j.a.y. :wink:)

hummm… that was a little out of subject … and let me think about that a Doc:Reuse_Composition seems to be missing …

feature request … ? sorry … but what pum stand for ?


I meant pun not pum. :blush: :blush: :blush:
And it is not correctly used :slight_smile:

It can be done with a python script. The problem is… who is going to do it?

Also … pumornot stands for this thread. :laughing:

Moving and doing the animations from the previous project