Define duplicated commands

Using Chromebook, Linux GalliumOS, and Synfig Ver: 1.2.1
I have found at least 3 different menus with Save, Save As, and Save All. There are other commands that are duplicated as well. These are found in the top menu horizontal bar, in the horizontal menu bar under the synfig. animation 1 tab, and when I click on the grayed out area in the left corner of the canvas area.
Do all of these commands perform the same function?
What does Save All command actually save?
A third and unrelated question: How to move the palette editor icon from the window panel to either an icon on the tool panel or to the canvas menu horizontal bar? I am sure that the palette icon was in the top canvas menu bar but it disappeared.
If a link already exists, please give me that. I have searched these questions but have not found an answer.
Thank you in advance for the help.

  • Save : save current document
  • Save As : save current document as another file
  • Save All : as other software that open several documents in a single window (like LibreOffice, Notepad++, etc), save all opened/loaded documents

Yes, four different ways to access the actions… They all perform same actions.

  • The top menu bar
  • The toolbar in workarea
  • right-click (“context”) menu in an empty area of workarea
  • The arrow menu (in the corner of both rulers of workarea), for historical reasons, I suppose.

Sorry I didn’t understand what is “palette editor icon”. Maybe you refer to “Palette editor panel”.
You can access hidden panels by menu Window. And drag and dock it wherever you want.

Currently user documentation for Synfig Studio is here . But the project is starting to migrate (and update/rewrite) contents to .

Thank you for the reply rodolforg and clearing up my menu questions.

I tried to move the color palette out of the Window menu but would not work.
This is probably related to Chromebook etc. Not a big problem as long as I know
that it needs to stay in the window menu. It does expand and I can move it around, and I can select colors, but I cannot place the icon into a tool panel.
Thanks again for the help!

Do you want to do like this?

Anyway, you can try to change to “standard” workspaces (menu Window > Workspaces

OK! Works just like in the video. Exited and then reentered the program and the pallet is still there.