Default units of measurement

I’d like to make a case for the default units in Synfig to be Pixels (px) instead of Points, which I believe is the current default selection. Reasons for this

[]Screen resolutions e.g. 1080p, 720p, PAL etc typically all refer to pixels and not points or other measurments
]Points, centimetres etc are reasurements used to measure physical materials. Since the output of Synfig will not typically be printed out using them makes little sense
[*]Synfig can be used to do illustration (it has good vector drawing tools), but that does not appear to be its purpose

Furthermore, when a user selects Pixels as the default unit of measurement they can set it to decimal place e.g. 2.3 px. Does a half pixel actually exist?

Go to Preferences->Document and select pixels as default unit.

And yes, pixel can be fractional, like any other unit. Later when you render it scales to the physical pixel.

Sorry for not being clear, I mean default upon installation.

Oh yes. Open an enchantment in the bug tracker to make real in next version.

w00t! Ok, enchancement request made