[Debug version] Slow render times on new build (synfig 1.3.11)

I used the src from the gitlab repo to create a new build as described on the build from source wiki page.
The render times are really slow compared to the 1.2.2 version installed from the fedora rpms.

Is there something that I should do to make the source package render quicker?

wget “https://wiki.synfig.org/images/9/98/Ball_boune_tutorial_Spline.sifz

synfig 1.2.2
time synfig -i file/Ball_boune_tutorial_Spline.sifz -o render1/ball.png

real 0m5.702s
user 0m5.255s
sys 0m0.272s

synfig 1.3.11
time synfig.git/_debug/build/bin/synfig -i file/Ball_boune_tutorial_Spline.sifz -o render2/ball.png

real 0m57.066s
user 0m49.065s
sys 0m1.252s

I can confirm:

synfig 1.2.2 (debian distro)

real 0m6,359s
user 0m6,150s
sys 0m0,141s

synfig (current master)

real 0m40,398s
user 0m40,520s
sys 0m0,112s

@tdelov hm… I used “debug” version. With “production” it falls back to 7s.

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Debug version is always a lot slower than production :slight_smile:

OK, Thanks.
I checked with the _production build and it renders at comparable speeds.
_production/build/bin/synfig -i Ball_boune_tutorial_Spline.sifz -o render2/ball.png

real 0m6.301s
user 0m5.799s
sys 0m0.326s