Deadline is near : LibreGraphics Meeting 2020

@KonstantinDmitriev, did you see this?

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Hi! I actually didn’t considered to participate for myself, since traveling is expensive and complicated for me. But, since you brought this up… @rodolforg and @ice0 - maybe you wish to attend the event and maybe do a talk? :slight_smile:

@rodolforg If you will decide to participate with a talk: on behalf of Synfig I am willing to reimburse travel expenses up to $1000. ^___^

Sorry guys, will be busy at work.

Wow. Thank you for placing your trust in me, but I think I’m too ‘young’ for making a Synfig talk - certainly you are the right guy, Konstantin.
And I wouldn’t have time to elaborate a presentation until Monday. Maybe next year then =]