Damaged File

I’ve been working hard on this background and recently imported a layer i made on another canvas. The file crashed and I can no longer access it. Is this fixable or do i need to start over?

I’m using windows and version .63.03
Haunted Tree_3.sifz (21 KB)
rabbit hole.sifz (189 KB)

I’ve fixed the file by doing this:

  1. Rename rabbit hole.sifz to rabbit hole.sif.gz
  2. Decompress the gz file and obtain rabbit hole.sif file (5,5 MB)
  3. Edit the sif file in a text editor and fix the issues.

The problems where two (for me):

  1. rabbit file references a file called Haunted Tree 3.sifz placed in a “…\Resources\Trees” folder that I can’t reproduce.
  2. Also the exported value node “Tree Outline Bevel” from the tree file was missing at the rabbit file when tried to be used at the amount of two Bevel layers.

When you load the fixed rabbit file, please keep the tree file on the same place.
To be away from the dependence of the amount parameter of the exported value node of the tree file, at the rabbit file look for the linked amount parameters of the bevel layers (two occurrences) and right click and select “Disconnect”.

rabbit hole.sifz (190 KB)

Thank you it worked perfectly and I’m overjoyed I don’t have to remake those trees; I hate making trees.