Cut vertex or cut spline loop

How is it done? How do you cut vertex or cut spline loop?

If I read you correctly, then select the needed outline, right click on the dotted line -> Unloop.

Thank you. It seems to unloop the same dotted line even if I left or right click a different dotted line. How can I unloop a specific dotted line?

Ah, I see. So you have a looped outline/region and you want to break out the loop in a certain place? If that so, then no, you can’t do that. Synfig loops/unloops the spline only between first and last vertexes. Breaking the loop in a custom area is not implemented.

Thank you.

It seems like this would be a basic feature to add both because the need of the user and maybe developing it should not be too difficult? Iterate through points in the spline and exchange properties or simply switch start and end vertex properties?

Wait, I’ve found the way!
You can actually do it, try this:

  1. Select the desired outline/region
  2. In the place to cut, right click -> Rotate order
  3. Now right click again -> Unloop
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