Cut-out rig using new group transformation widget

With everybody (including myself) being excited about the new bone and bone deformation features, one might easily forget that you can also rig simple cut-out characters with the new group transformation widget. Here is a basic rig (it has no switch layers for mouth, eyes and hands yet) I constructed without using a bunch of rotation layers and only two exported values (those can increase when you get more complex characters).
Pivot points are accessible via sets.


edit:made with dev version 17 june 2014.

cutoutrig.sifz (13.2 KB)

nice, I want to get more time on synfig, otherwise I will be an outdated “developer”.
thanks for this clear and intuitive introduce of new feature/s.

nice …

hey darkspace, could you add a cut out by “group transformation widget” tutorial (even draft…) in the wiki ? … ion_Widget


Several tutorials are in the pipeline. Just have to find the time to organise them and put them on the wiki. I will try to make up a draft as soon as possible.

Made up a draft tutorial, tried to make it as idiot proof as possible, but still need to check for style, language and eventual procedural errors. Think it’s already usable though. … ion_Widget


Well done … ! … i have done a little work on rewrite and style and syntax, but did’nt test it has a newbie.

I think it could be a good idea to use the initial post image (cut out with vector) to illustrate the cut out without external image.

Thanks a lot! I am not totally up to speed yet with all the wiki markup lingo. :unamused:

Yes. I thought so too, but I will use it later in the tips section and add the procedure of automatic joint patches and line removal when you do cut out using vector images made in Synfig (or Inkscape).

very useful tutorial, thanks!
… and your proposed follow up on removing joint lines seems quite appealing: can’t wait to discover how you propose to do this.

Like this :slight_smile: Joint patches in cut out