Curved corners

Is there a way to make curvy outline corners like this circled one?

Fluttershy vector from

Is this enough for you?
corner.sifz (1.39 KB)

In Inkscape (as in Synfig) the peak length of the corner depends on the tangents angle on the corner. The greater the angle the tangent forms, the shorter is the corner. On contrary when the angle formed by the tangents decrease, the corner length increases. But this has a limit because the length for angle zero is infinite. In Inkscape that limit is customizable (user selectable) and in Synfig is hardcoded (not customizable).

The example above shows the largest corner for the smaller angle possible. if the angle is smaller then the corner decreases. Certainly it shouldn’t decrease but should keep the maximum value achievable for the corner length. But that’s how it is coded. It can be changed though, taking account the old types files, of course.


There’s a sort-of workaround. To get a curvy miter you can give the outline an “Onto” blend method, causing the outline to conform to the region’s shape.

The region spans that entire area, and the outline is simply drawn onto it. The only drawback is this does not affect the in-facing miters.

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