Curve Warp is INSANELY slow and CONSTANTLY crashes

Hi, I think this has probably been said before? but… well, read the title. and it stinks because it’s such a useful feature, but I’m not sure if anything can really be done about it
I’ve tried skeleton deform but it seems to have the same crashing problem.!Amnz6QoQ2rg-hoIQiQDudC7d1Kfkcg
so here’s my animation. you can see it makes great use of curve warps. the process of making it is heavily slowed by taking really long to load and frequent crashes.

i have the latest development version but iirc the stable version has this issue too

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Yeah, “Curve Warp” is a mess right now. It’s still not ported to new engine so it works through a wrapper which makes everything even slower and less stable than it was in, let’s say, 1.0.2 version.

So I am with you, hoping it gets some love eventually. “Curve Warp” is a very versatile tool, I remember using it to simulate wind on grass, so it would be nice to see it at least ported to new engine which in my mind would already make it more tolerable to work with.

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Also, and idk if this is just me, like I said the Skeleton Deform feature, while faster, has the same crashing problem.