Cursor offset - Drawing Tablet Part II

I’m just contributing to the issue that someone else had with their tablet. I’m using an XP-Pen Artist ProE, which isn’t industry standard compared to the Cintiq. Also, I’m using Big Sur, and I’m actually amazed that it was compatible with it. With the xp-pen tablet, I’ve had good success with it for the most part, and this is the first “real” issue with an application I’ve struggled with. The cursor will float below the tool icon that I want when I’m I’m using it on the Tablet’s monitor. Also, I’m unable to close the application down (as I assume all the tools are offset in the drop-downs as well). I realize that this is open source, and I didn’t pay much for it, so I’ll work around with not using my table with it and do old school style vector tracing with pencil images. But hopefully, you’ll get a fix to this at some point.