Crisp outlines

Hi team,

I just have to say, I’m really enjoying working with Synfig. I am having some trouble with producing crisp outlines when rendering. I’ve provided some zoomed in samples to demonstrate what I’m talking about. One of the images was converted from Inkscape into a PNG, the other was rendered via Synfig (quality 2, anti aliasing 31)

I just can’t seem to get the same effect, where the outlines are darker. The comments I’ve been receiving suggest it looks blurry, or it’s like looking at the image through glass. Any suggestions?

Great community by the by.

EDIT: Original images are 32x32 px

head test.png

hi, it would be actually good if you post your graphics with their native resolution, i also suggest thet you try Quality - 1 Antialiasing - 1, higher resolution may achieve what you want. greetings!

I would like to have the original sources for Inkscape and for Synfig to make some tests. First of all you have to be sure that they look the same at normal resolution and then we can see if the problem is from the source or the renderer at lower resolution or that it happens always.

Hello again,

Caencel -I’ve tried rendering with many different qualities and anti-aliasing values, it all turns out the same. Please see below for the original files. I did notice that the colour values were different, “Visually Linear Color Selection checkbox”, but I’ve since unselected this.

Thanks for all the help,
Zombie head 5.svg
zombietest.sif (947 KB)

hello Trueprophet,
your canvas is just too little
I have increased it, and it’s good :smiley:

Hi Mado,

The project requires sprites rendered at 32x32 and 64x64. (Iphone 3 and 4). It seems to be the way Synfig interpolates the color values when rendering at such small pixel dimensions. Has anyone found a way to overcome this?

I’ve not found any way to fix it. I don’t know if it is a png library difference between Inksacpe and Synfig but at those sizes, the results are different.