Creating layers (using alpha) and the color is still somehow transparent...

Hello there,

I am a nawbie in synfig and I am using alpha for the first time (the goal is to create a blinking eye) but there is a problem, the picture of it is here:

As you can see, the circle used as an eye (the white one - it’s behind the face and it’s bigger than the eye socket to make sure there won’t be an empty space) still shines trough and I just can’t find out why. The opacity of both the face and the eye is full (1) and the “amount” of the colors is also set at “1.” Can anyone please tell me how to make the face completely opaque?

Thank you for your potential help, it seems to make no sense and it drives me insane.

Hi and welcome,

Seems like a very trivial problem. You probably just accidentally changed some parameter.
Check the ‘Blend method’ for both face and eye layers in the parameter’s panel, it should be set to ‘Composite’.

Also, it’s better to place the eye above the head, then you wouldn’t need to afraid that there will be an empty space and it will become easier to animate. Face region should be solid in this case.

To Svarov:

Thank you for your answer but both the eye and the face have the blend method set to “Composite,” I even tried to combine every single blend method with every single blend method and nothing seemed to affect this weird transparency. Also, you can notice that there are many groups, this is because when I create anything that consists of a region and an outline, I automatically group it so that I won’t move with just one part of it, therefore there are many groups-in-groups. I am saying this to give you as much information as possible.

Then it’s hard to say without the source file. Well, I can make some assumptions… but nah…

Check out the attached example. It’s a fox’s head I’ve just finish (very simplified) to illustrate how to make an eye blink. Please study it and compare to your project.
To understand how it works change the ‘Blend Method’ of ‘Head->Eye->Lid->MoveUpDown’ to ‘Composite’ and you will see how masking is working. Hope this helps.

If you still can’t figure out your problem, then I can only suggest you to upload your source file, then we can check it and point out the problem.
FoxHead.sifz (9.17 KB)

Thank you for your file, I had the idea of making a blinking eye that way but I just desperately want that outline there.

I am uploading my file for further ressearch
notworkinpieceofshet.sifz (12.8 KB)

Heh, the problem is in the ‘head’ group layer. ‘Amount’ of this group is set to ‘1.1’ which, of course, affect all child layers. To put it simply, amount=1.1 means that layer is more than visible, so alpha over start to produce such strange effects.

Change amount of the ‘head’ group layer back to ‘1’ and the problem will go away.

Thank you very much