creating images for an animation

as i see the web is full of software that imports a number of pictures and plays them in a row (creating animations :stuck_out_tongue: ), what i am looking for though is a software that is able to take a picture(or actually a deal of pictures altogether) and firstly distort them in multiple ways and then creating the animation or else creating itself that image.
e.x. i want to make a human body standing still and after laying down on the ground without having to draw each picture separately.
does anyone know such software?
(and does what i m saying make any sense?)

Hi stkyriakoulisdr,
what you’re looking for is not an easy task for current computation. There are some software that makes what you want but not in animation, just morph a single image.

You have Gimp:
Free Transform Tool:
I don’t know if it is already implemented in the current stable version.

In Synfig you have the Curve Warp layer: It transform similar to the Free Transform Tool but the source is defined by a single straight line and the target is a curve (Bezier Line).

Anyway in Synfig, I doubt that any of them would do the full job of a complex animation. You must combine them seprating parts of your character and then work with each individual part.

Please return here if you have problems using the Curve Warp Layer in Synfig Studio.