Crash when using Noise Gradient with Motion Blur

I created a new animation to test out an overlay for a project when I ran into this issue. The animation uses the default canvas size and resolution, and two layers: a noise gradient and a motion blur. When I attempt to animate a change in the size property of the noise gradient, synfig crashes upon attempting to render the animation on the canvas. Altering the gradient using an position offset also causes a crash when I attempt the same. A few other crashes occurred while I was testing this, but these two errors were the most memorable, and I was able to reproduce them more than once.
No error messages appeared.
I am using 1.4.2, on windows 10.
I apologize if I’ve posted this to the wrong place; I’m still relatively new to the forum.

What is your computer configuration?
if it is less than an i3, it will crash when using these effect types.
another good fact to remember is that on linux synfig works much lighter on Linux.

I have an AMD Ryzen 7 5700U with Radeon Graphics.