Crash when render gif with gif target

Synfig crash when i render gif format with gif target.this option sometime works fine .but this file with this target cause synfig crash time and time.
Test.sifz (15.4 KB)

I have test to render gif with auto/magick++ of target it works but the gradient is weird.

and correct result should look like this.

I use synfig often recently.and fine some situation cause crashing.
1.mouse move layer order in layer panel.
2.delete layer.

Version 1.4.2 win64?

version 1.50 windows64.


FYI the “quality” parameter affects only a few layer types (and one day will be deprecated), and the lower the better. “1” is the best quality. Any higher number can mean usage of tricks to make i render faster.

But, as I said, only few layers does use this value. I didn’t check if your file uses one the them.

MyUI-B.sifz (41.7 KB)

Thanks for the info. the main issue is when i render .gif with gif target synfig flash quit with this file.
if i render gif with magick++/auto target .it works but gradient is weird.

Yes I know :slight_smile: It was a side note :wink:

thanks for your time.i will find other way to export.

Did you try to render without changing the “quality” value?

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I created a bug report anyway:

thanks for your time.learn a lot from here.hope synfig be better.

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