CRASH on revisions

I swear I’m thisclose to dropping Synfig. When I get things in order and then need to make a revision, I delete the relevant keyframes, add others, then try to repeat the actions (mostly changing amount). Every time I do this Snfig crashes. The only way to get back on track is to delete the offending PNG files and re-import. This means importing, resizing, and relocating every file, and then adding the animation. Needless to say, this KILLS productivity.

Can anyone give me any information on what is happening and how to avoid it? I make sure to remove all the waypoints before trying to redo but this doesn’t stop the crash.

I have been a financial contributor for almost two years. I would really like some help on this.

Hi Kevin,

could you provide more information about your config/version of Synfig and your workflow?
You already had problems with Layer import rejected due to path to image files…
What about your revision process?
Do you save your files in a distinct folder?
Do you edit your animation from the original folder or from the revision folder?
Do you use fully qualified or relative path to the PNG files?

Hi Bob. Thanks for responding.

About my revision process: It has been a matter of removing all associated waypoints (though it seems Synfig likes to drop new ones seemingly at random places), then I delete keyframes. Next I establish new keyframes and add waypoints. Nothing profound that I know of. It’s when I try to change parameters (location, amount) that Synfig crashes.

Files are all in the same folder.

I edit from the original folder

Qualified or relative path - I simply use the import function, so I think it’s qualified.

P.S. It’s not only files but shapes within Synfig too.