Crash at render when an object gets a new position

Hi all,

I just started using Synfig, a few days ago, trying to create animated sketches for scientific presentations. I’ve been very happy with it and love the simplicity (thanks to the synfig team!)… except when the software crashes.
I’m using the 1.0.2 version on windows 7 pro 64 bits.

I’ve had several random crashes, some that I could fix, avoid (do not click on the guide!) and others that I really don’t understand.

Attached is the project I’m working on, particles travelling in a channel. Yesterday, it seemed to be working fine, I rendered the entire movie, saved the file and left. Today I reopened it to add more text, little voice in my head tells me to check it rendering still works… and it doesn’t.
It seems that one of the particles, “mid particles/circle_m2n_crash”, causes the error, when it moves to a new position, at time 8s7f (synfig also crashes when I go to this frame). When the object is unchecked/removed, rendering works fine.
I encountered this issue earlier. I would simply delete and recreate the particle, and it would work for a while (before a new one causes me trouble).
What bothers me is that these errors appear randomly. Also I use the same method for all particles and I don’t understand why this particular objet would cause trouble on this frame.

I’m pretty sure the way I created the animation is quite dirty, not always using the proper functions. If you have any suggestion on ways to create the same animation in a more synfig-friendly manner to avoid these crashes, I would be very happy!

Thanks a lot.
hugo.sifz (24.7 KB)

I can reproduce the crash here, even with an earlier version of Synfig Studio. Need to select the crashing particle to make it crash and simple play or scrub along the timeline, doesn’t crash.

Please report the bug to the tracker and if possible provide a simple buggy file that makes the same crash (removing the non crashing parts of the animation) in order to simplify the work to whom could study the bug.
Meanwhile, I just can propose to redo the animation for that particle to see if there is something on the timeline that hurts.
One suggestion: In order to reuse the particles (and so there are few of them, you can loop (close) the splines that guide them and leave the amount of its position go far from 1.0

Hi Genete,

thanks for the reply. I finished the project removing and repositioning any timeline issue.
I finally got time to post a minimal version on the bug tracker.