Crash and then can not open again

Synfig crashed when i modify the color of curve graidnet. then can not open the file and show this screenshot. enven though restart my pc and reopen synfig .
I attach file here .hope some one could give a test.
NationalDay.sifz (12.5 KB)

The error is strange:
Did you use any “exported value” or linked to external file (it may be due to a copy and paste)?
It seems to refer to something like that but it’s with a blank value.

Yes.i use some exported value.
and paste content from another opened file.

  1. Did your exported value names use non-Latin characters?
  2. Did the path of the source files where you copied from use non-Latin characters?

These questions are shots in the dark: I don’t know if anyone reported issues like that before. It just didn’t fill the exported value name for three color parameters (one of a Region layer and the rest of two Rectangle Layers).

Here I provide you a SIF file without these values.
NationalDay.sif (248,4,KB) is not non-latin characters in exported value name. is not not-latin characters in path of source file.

I download the file you upload and can not open this when openning.

I couldn’t open here too, because it’s depending on that Butterfly.sifz file that should be in same folder of Animation.sif