Copy Animation State To Different Frame

How do you copy the state of an animation from one frame and paste it into another frame, for example, I have an animation of a man in a space suit, who starts out with his legs straight in frame 0, then in frame 24, his legs are bent. How do I copy what is going on in frame 0, then to paste it into frame 48, to make him straighten his legs, to appear to have some smooth idle movement?

Thanks Synfig community!

move cursor and button rigth over key frames and duplicate frame

Thanks for your time bazza, I just have a question.

Once you click duplicate, how to you choose what frame to duplicate it to? Because for me it seems like nothing is happening.

sorry bazza, may i borrow your screenshot ? :unamused:

but that timeline slider is important
first, move it to desired frame where you want to put your copied/duplicated frames in
say, you want to copy pose of frame 0 to frame 48, then point that slider to frame 48

or if it’s too hard to slide that line-thingy, you can use this box
just type the time in there like this : [frame_number]f and Enter (in this case, 48f)
or if there’s seconds/minutes
[minute]m [second]s [frame_number]f

then do what bazza did in his screenshot

  • select a layer (even group layer is fine) that has the desired waypoint
  • right click that waypoint then choose duplicate

same goes to keyframes, but you don’t need to look for any specific layer
just set the slider, right click on desired keyframe, then duplicate

oh, and also waypoint and keyframes are different
yes, it’s synfig’s official terminology (weird, huh…?) :unamused:


Awesome Fadhilkwan, that worked like a charm.

Thank you! very informative