convert raster image to vector

hi everyone
can synfig convert raster images to vector? or import vector files from other programs like inkscape,flash,illustrator, toonboom etc.if is does, how? hope you guy will help me out, thank you (sorry if my english is bad i’m not native english i’m from thailand) :question:

Hi pmu,
Regarding to vector file types It is possible to convert (with an outside application) from SVG to SIF format. See for more info. It would be potentially possible convert form other vector format to SIF if the external format is opensource or is documented. Unfortunately there is nobody currently developing synfig so it is not a short term feature to be implemented. If you know C++ or know someone who knows C++ and want to help, we need you.

Most of the usual raster formats (BMP, JPEG, PNG, GIF and I believe TGA) are supported in synfig using File -> Import from the caret menu.


Thank you,I’ll try it :slight_smile:

i cannot import jpeg or png plese help me!! i have done the designs on jpg (scan) and i want to redraw it on synfig, please heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp meeeeeeeee :smiley::D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D

i have the 0.61.09 version of synfig
running on xp service pack 3

Can you be more specific please Belifilmaker?
What does happen when you do File -> Import? (btw, it’s the “File” you have when clicking on the “>” in the corner of the image dialog, not the “File” from the toolbox. Just in case :slight_smile: )
Do you have a special error message or something happening?

thank you for your quick answer rore :slight_smile:

yes :blush: i press the > :laughing:

a window appear with this message:
Unable to import E:\8.0 El secreto de la vida\Diseños\Personajes\PSD\Nicole\bmp\New Folder\Untitled-1.jpg
and there is only a CLOSE button

(btw synfig does not crash with this)

hope this helps you to help me :slight_smile:
greetings! :smiley:

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHH i solve the problem :smiley:

i change the directory´s name instead of diseños, i called disenos

seems that it does not recognise this spanish carachter Ñ

thank you for your time rore :wink:

np :slight_smile:

Well, now I wonder if other people on windows experienced the same problem or not. I think I remember something about cyrilic characters not working, I suppose it’s the same for all characters that are not part of the base english alphabet.

(Anyway, the spanish ñ seems to work here, but I"m on linux and with a UTF8 encoding, so …)

May be a limitation of the old version of GTK I’m using. Must kick my butt in gear and sort that out. But probably not until April time (busy time at work in Q1 :frowning: )

great post and nice share,thank you~~