Convert outlines to advanced outlines?

Is there some way to convert outline layers to advanced outline layers? I would very much like to do this.

I will code it as soon as possible. Let me finish the Draw Tool support first :smiley:

I’m testing the inkscape plugin, which is awsome, but the lines is normal oultines in Synfig. Would like to have advanced outlines so I can prettify the artwork.

That’s the next step. Completely deprecate the current normal outlines so there is not Advanced and normal, just one. But that would wait a bit. I don’t want to break the whole system yet. Before I have to settle down the performance of advanced ones a bit more and finish its full support.
The idea I mentioned you in the previous post is to create an action to convert an outline layer to an Advanced one but made by a user interaction. The code that converts bline to wplist is done but not tested.