Convert Circle/Rectangle/Star/Polygon to Outline or Region

As the title suggests, is there a way to convert a Circle/Rectangle/Star/Polygon to Outline or Region? I want to be able to do things like add a stroke to it or modify the shape through its nodes.

In version 1.4 you would right click to get a ‘Make outline’ or Make region layer. So the option should be there when you right click on the layer if you are using version 1.4

I’m using version 1.4 and no such option exists when right-clicking on the layer

Create the circle using a ‘Region’ or ‘Outline’ option. If you choose ‘Region’, then you’ll be able to right click to make an out line and visa versa:

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Brilliant, thank you!

You’re most welcome.

rectangel/circle shape has a option of bevel and region shape has not.
so this is a feature to improve draw ability of synfig.