Contributing with cmake

how do i start to contribute with cmake.I’m seriously interested on this aspect so any guidance…

Maybe this can help:

I’ve been wanting to contribute to the code as well and it took me a while just to get things set up, actually, I finished last night, I had to be reading and searching on youtube. I’m using NetBeans, haven’t done anything yet but I’m thinking of doing a tutorial of how I set up everything because I know a lot of windows users like myself would love to contribute but there are some hurdles to jump over. Videos of how to set up would be just wonderful.

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there is any project ideas related to cmake?

Not sure I understand what it is that you are asking

I think this year GSoC got a lot of CMake stuff and now it’s on a “stable” state.
But @ice0 is the cmake guy who can talk about it :stuck_out_tongue:

so there maybe more craze at cmake?

there are any project ideas related to cmake for gsoc 2021?

Some video exist already for Netbeans setup (for a general idea)
From the wiki

Feom the ReadTheDocs

@kalyan You can contribute with something else than cmake too…

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which is better netbeans or qtcreator?

If you propose your help for a build system generator you should already have some experience with C++ and know them already :stuck_out_tongue:

And it is not the instrument which counts the most, it is how the artist uses it…

Sorry, I guess there won’t be cmake this time.