Contents of README files

I would like to update/improve the headers of the README files in the code.
Please take a look and propose some modifications if needed. They should be consistent with the “about” in the wiki.

for Synfig Studio:

For Synfig core:



How about this?

For Synfig core:

[edit: accidently edited this entry rather than quote myself so it’s now recreated and may differ a bit from original…]

FFMpeg more than just mpeg1 now :slight_smile:

Any reason for only using lower case for ‘synfig’?

yep and we should use one way of spelling SynfigStudio / Synfig Studio / Synfigstudio as well… for all docs…
or is it Synfig Animation Studio? :confused:

synfig is the name of the executable of the Synfig program as well as synfigstudio is the name of the Synfig Studio program.

The first time the README file appeared it was written in lower case by pabs in the release of synfig 0.61.06 and said basically the same than today.

That is another discussion that I wanted to have too. We should formerly give it a name and just one name. I have some preferences on this that I want to share:

synfig: is the command to invoke renderer. It should be written in lowercase and if appear in the wiki it should use some special font only used for commands from the console.
synfigstudio: is the command used to invoke the GUI. Same comments as for synfig.
Synfig Project: it is the name of the project that sums: software, packaging, documentation, website, etc.
Synfig: it is the general name used to refer to the program used in any article or in the documentation when it doesn’t refers specifically to synfig or synfigstudio.
Synfig Studio: It is the name what should be used when referring to the GUI in an article or in the documentation.

Personally I don’t like the compound Synfig Animation Studio, but I can understand and will back any other opinion on that.

Forums, wiki, website, sourceforge, etc. should use those words with those rules (or the ones that we agree) from now an on. There are lot of places where the same things are named differently.


I’m new here, so that is perfectly ok with me, any comments from the senior staff?
I’ll put these rules in to the writer’s doc as soon as accepted (or not commented for a while)…

Sounds like a good set of guidelines to me.

Soudns good. I don’t like Synfig Animation Studio too.

added this to the Writer’s Doc…