Confusion about Link to Spline option

I am new to Synfig Studio.
I want to make an animation in which a circle follow the path of spline.

Following are the steps I followed:-

  1. I created a spline with curved path.
  2. I created a circle layer and then, a translate layer.
  3. I grouped translate layer and circle layer.
  4. Then, I clicked the outline layer’s path. But, the option for Link to Spline is not showing.

What did I do wrong? Can you tell me steps correctly?


Take a look at this discussion here: Following a spline: Serious problem and frustration

In your case use a circle instead of the arrow.
If you have other issues just ask :raising_hand_man:

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Sorry, I have followed the tutorial both from the wiki, as well as the one that also references videos on YouTube, but by no means does the option “Link to Spline”, do you know if something should be activated first? attached video of the options that come out.

@strujillodv, it’s really strange, but you should right-click on Spline itself, not on its vertices.

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Thanks, that was my mistake, I did not do it in the spline but in the vertices, now if I get the option.

Yes, that mistake… I’ve been there before XD

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