composite and animation test

hello to all!!

i´m looking for critics, i made this loop in 3 (entire) days O.O!

but i´m still having problems. (even do, you cannot tell that on the video due to the compression) im having problems, it doesn´t look as smooth as i would like, the problem is with the hands, but i dont know, maybe is the fps?? i´m doing it at 24, if you want to help me :smiley:, please check the sifz file, or just a critic would be ok :smiley:!!

nicolesaltitos.sifz (428 KB)


remember to make a critic please!

pd: i also did the music :slight_smile:

I don’t see any noticiable difference when animated. There is only a small difference between keyframe at 0f and keyframe at 1s8f. They are not exactly the same.

What’s what you see exactly?

Good job! Excellent animation.

Which hand(s)? Left, right, or both?

BTW: Is the background image also available?


is in both hands, im going to try to fix it with motion blur, and let you know…
i have tried all day to copy the keyframe from the begining to the same at the end, but it crashes every time…
the final composite i´ve made it in afterfx and premiere, thats why the background ain´t on the file.

but here it is the image :stuck_out_tongue:


You have to delete the old keyframe first in the destiny position (1s8f) to be able to duplicate a keyframe (at 0s). I’ve duplicated the keyframe with success and it didn’t crashed.


well, i finally made it yiiiiipii!!!, i believe it crashes for the motion blur layers and my old pc :confused: because i turn of the blur layers and at least i could work a little before it crashes, by doing this for a couple of times i manage to get it :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: (to have the same key at the begining and at the end)

please tell me if you can see the jumps in the hands, is not that much, but is there


I don’t see any wrong there :slight_smile:. Maybe can you tell us what’s the exact frame(s) where the jump appears?
(Maybe you’re exaggerating? :wink:)

Well, to me it appears that there is a speed-up in the backswing of the left hand/arm,
but I’m also not sure that it is a jump. I guess if you use a higher FPS, you can check on
the canvas (frame by frame) that the movement is at least “smooth”.

Apart from that I don’t like the apparent orientation of the right hand on the back swing.
It looks somewhat unnatural. But that could also come from having us stare intensely at
the hands! :laughing: Let’s consider that nitpicking…


hi!! sorry for the delay, i was building a mantelpiece on the backyard and i get a sunstroke (is F%&$ summer here, and im too whity) :stuck_out_tongue:, so i was having a really really big headache :stuck_out_tongue:


jajajajajja :laughing: i did that on purpose

i tried too, but i couldn´t find it

jajaja true true true, but is really hard for me to draw hands, i´ll see if i can improve that :wink:

now, i dont know, im starting to think that maybe is the streamning of my computer :confused:

thank you for your critics!!