Complex Blines

How do you add another Bline to an existing Bline?

Currently it is not possible. There is a workaround for that:

  • Select the two layers that hold the two Blines.
  • Using the mouse (CTRL+lclick or dragging a selection box with the mouse’s left button) select the last vertex of one BLine and the first vertex of the other BLine.
  • Over one of them, do right click and select link.
  • If needed repeat the select and link process with the tangents but in this case use “Link opposite”.

I hope it helped.

I was wondering the same myself.

The workaround does link multiple b-lines, but to accomplish this it must distort one of the b-lines. Is there a way to join b-lines and not distort one of them?

Also, is this issue going to be addressed soon? If so, what would be the best way to know when it’s been addressed ASAP?

Thanks! You seem very helpful in answering questions and your dog animation is fantastic.

When you link two values one of them must change. Simplifying the decisions that the program takes on this, the rule is that the less modified is first candidate to change.

So there is no way to join two blines together not by distorting one, but just by moving it?

Rather than adding 2 blines together I often just extend one instead and more ducks. Easier than making 3 links for every duck! lol

Move them all first to the final position (overlapping the two vertexes that will be linked) and link after.