Community made short film for raiser fundraiser for disabled kids

Hello to everyone seeing this post.

So I was going to work today, and the people at my workplace were discussing of setting up a light show, for which 100% price of the ticket/money earned from the show would be donated to kids with special needs. I was really happy to know about it that we were going to do something so good.

But it also disturbed me that there are not just kids in our city, nor in our country, but the whole world has kids with special needs. So I thought synfig is global, so why don’t the synfig community start their own community made short film of child with special need who tries the explore the world, or even a better storyline is welcome.

And whatever fundraisers we get, we would donate everything to charity (obviously the fundraiser site would be setted/created up by developers of synfig) . This would be fun project yet one of the very nice things to do.

We could possibly divide the work, between several community members, making it easier and faster, someone can design the character and others can animate, then some can add colors, and some can do audio and foly work.

Personally, I think this would really benefit the children with special needs, and not just them, we could donate to other people like cancer patients, etc.

If you believe this is a good idea, reply or like the post. I hope everyone is ready to do something good this year.


I applaud you! I’m really liking this idea of yours and that you’re willing to provide others to participate in this project of yours. This fundraiser will definitely be put to good use for all those children in need.

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Perhaps I was unable to correctly convey myself, I was talking about a community made shortfilm by synfig, through synfig. My workplace project is something totally different ,a lightshow, for which making a shortfilm in such short time is not possible.

I mean I was just giving an idea if synfig can setup can do something similar. I don’t need a shortfilm for my light show project.

Or maybe I am having a hard time understanding yours :sweat_smile:

Oh, I get it. Sorry for the mixup lol.