Communicate with inkscape

Hi guys.
I propose support to paste svg clipboard copy from inksape.This will improve the drawing ability of synfig and make things works easier.

Saving file with .sif format in inkscape often can not work if the file is complex.
My method is split the file/illustration to several files and save as with .sif.
Transport a normal illustration to synfig spend me a full day.

Edit BobSynfig: Corrected some typos for better readability


when saving .sif in Inkscape, a conversion from svg to sif occurs with sometimes some “losses”.
Even though it could be possible to implement a copy-paste system from Inkscape, the result would not be better due to the limitations of the both formats (same as the export).
Also it would means a double management in case of modification of the code (Synfig and Inkscape), with incompatibilities and/or missing features in case of non-synchronized updates.
I doubt that it would worth it.
(Maybe I’m wrong :stuck_out_tongue: )