Commercially using animations

Hi, are we allowed to sell animations we make with synfig on dvd etc?
Hi, are we allowed to upload our animations to youtube and monetize them?

Thanks for reading, I would appreciate any answers

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Hi and welcome here :slight_smile:

You are totally allowed to sell / monetize your creations :smiley:
With any software, not only with Synfig.
As a creator, your artwork comes from your mind, time and efforts, it belongs to you.
Some software, of course, may restrict your rights “to make profit” when a license fee is required to use them (otherwise it would be Software Piracy).
But still your work belongs to you and you could legally make profit of your creation once the license fee would be paid.

Not only with Synfig you don’t have any restriction but we encourage you to do so :mrgreen:

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