Command line animation

I am trying to take an image and create a animation out of it by zooming in on the image and then panning through it. Also, zooming out of it while panning.

I would then like to take several of these animations and then join them into one single video file.

Is this possible with Synfig from the command line?

I think it is not possible.
Synfig CLI doesn’t take images as arguments. Iy only takes sif or sifz files as arguments and then render or extract info from them them using the proper parameters.
Apart of create a sif file using a text editor, the only way to create a sif file (that holds the view of a image file) is by running synfigstudio. And if you run synfigstudio then you can do that animation from it.

For that simple zoom and pan animation there are lots of specific applications that do that wonderfully.


Thank you for your reply, I greatly appreciate it.

Can you please give me the name of some of those applications? I need to be able to use a standardized script to do these animations on several pictures, and it must be performed non-interactively on demand.

I have been researching different Linux applications for a few days without much success.

Here is a quick list from souecerforge: … rch=Search

Some from google: “slideshow linux” … 8033.shtml