Comics making software

Hello everyone,

I want to make couple of comics digitally before making animations. Hope this way’ll make me on something better.

Is there any free/open source software for comics making? I found couple of softwares(ComicStripCreator, comicado, Rage Maker, etc.,) but those’re just for comic strips & only very less features. I want something like Manga studio or Comic life. Recently I bought 2 softwares(my field related) so I can’t afford right now to buy anything. That’s why I’m looking for free/open source.

Or Is there any better way to make comics?

BTW I’m not good at drawing as I have mentioned that in my first message.

Thanks for your help.

Draw. :slight_smile:

You can’t replace skills with software. Software can improve your skills… even safe you of make a lot of boring tasks, but there is not miraculous software.

So, you must learn to increase your skills… and then, use GIMP or Krita to make the comics. :slight_smile:

Thanks Fenix for your reply. I agree that I need to improve my drawing skills. But my idea is reuse items instead of drawing everywhere.

Simple example:
To make a mini-comics(with 16 pages), I’ll reuse the backgrounds, characters, etc., instead of drawing everything on all panels.

Please check this panel Sample comic page. In this, background & characters are same in all 4 panels, only the differences are expressions of characters & dialogues. So I’ll copy-paste the characters on all panels instead of drawing newly there. I know that I have to do changes for changed expressions. Same-way, I’ll reuse the backgrounds. In this way, I can save my time.

What do you think? Any suggestions?

You can easliy use Synfig to make reusable comics. Make a library of poses and rig your characters in an easy cut-out animation way and render each frame seperately as png and put it all together in Inkscape where you can also add text and text balloons.

Uhmm… but, as say darkspace65, you can use any software of draw to make that.

Need to reusing draws? So, copy&paste it, as you say. You only need a software that work with layers to make your life more easy. :slight_smile:

Use of vector or bitmap drawing has advantages and disadvantages. With vector you can easily (and cleanly) your draws… but with bitmap you can make fast and free draw.

If you are asking for software that free you to make text balloons, frames, etc… I know anyone. But you can do frames and text balloons easely with most draw software.

IF you are using a unbutu based linux try TBO. It dose basically what you want.


May be available for outher Linux flavors.

If not try this search Comic templates. Plenty are available on the internet. Then trace them in synfig.

Word Ballons can also be found then traced and soon You will have a library of assets to use.

Then you can share them with outher Synfig users.

Played around with TBO Found out all its assets are SVG. So I made a sample 1 panel comic and exported it. Imported the SVG to synfig.It imported well but things like colors needed adjusting. It also created Lots of extra Regions and outlines that were not needed. Outlines could not be seen and needed to be expanded.On The boy left them as is since I liked the effect.


also here is the svg


and the imported cartoons can be rigged for animation.

Unfortunately no, I’m using Win 7.

I found this GIMP plugin. I tried this but I didn’t(couldn’t) install this perfectly in GIMP 2.8.6, have to try again later. If possible please anyone try this & let me know.
Gimp Book & Making Comics with GIMP Book

I found one more option. Krita which has comic page templates.

Training DVD 01 - Comics with Krita - But you could see those videos here

If there is none, I can make one myself. Anybody know any sites that will show me how to make and save graphics using Visual C#? If no, any good languages I can use to make one?

I could help you on this, here you go.
Image Processing Lab in C#
A Graphics Drawing Tool by using C# and Winforms
A Beginner’s Primer on Drawing Graphics using the .NET Framework
Extensions to DrawTools
SVGPad - Application and class library for editing SVG documents
You could find more articles there.

I bought a few inexpensive books yesterday on drawing Cartoons from Amazon for my Kindle.
You can download the Kindle player free for PC or Android.
I was drawing cartoon faces last night and am going on to the body soon. He makes it very easy.
Begin with a circle. (ink)
Pencil in a vertical line and a horizontal line. N=Make the horizontal line low like a fat man wearing a belt.
Draw a nose where the lines cross. A simple semicircle will do.
Close above that put two eyes close together. They can be just big dots to begin with.
Draw a curved line for a mouth.
Two ears low and the same height on the side of the mouth.
Draw in some hair.
You made your first cartoon face.

There are free apps on Google Play for android to teach much of the same thing.
If you have a tablet, you can get free software to draw on Google Play. Just look for Drawing, Cartoons and you will find a bunch of stuff.
Don’t be afraid to look at the Kids stuff. We are all kids at heart.

Hello all i am urgently in need of this software. Kindly suggest :frowning: