Combined Works

I tried combining an image I made in MS paint then imported it into synfig to have the rest of the scene completed. I’m not too sure about this method and most likely going to stay with my current method of creating my scene purely in synfig.

Nice bg. I create most of my work in synfig, but to gain speed (using the windows version) I export most static stuff or minor animated parts as png and then import it back again. In large populated scenes I use low res copies that I replace with hig res ones before rendering. I keep the original sif vector files as a library or in case I have to change something.

I do most of my drawing using inkscape . I generally create .sif files for characters and scenes and then import different .svg files for different backgrounds. sometimes i start with a simple hand drawn sketch the right size and then use that as my template in Inkscape. I dont use gradients a lot and generally make bands of shading to emulate it- sides there’s something about gradietns that make BGs look - vectory :unamused: