Color distortion

Hi all
I am very new to synfig and before using it I was using Adobe animate
So I darw a icon in inkscape and exported it to sif file and opened my other sif file and copied the icon to the file but it seems like every color become darker the icon have a lot of stuff so I can’t manually change all of colors what can I do?

I think there is some issue with Synfig, I tried it out and can confirm that this is a issue.

@ice0 , @rodolforg , Is this issue reported ?

I found out that the HTML code in the colors panel’s RGB section is different than the Color name in HSV section. I think is causing the problem, when copied a layer , Synfig may copy only the HTML code from the RGB section. And one more problem I just noticed in the RGB section.

Something is missing !

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Oh thanks :blush: so do you know any way to solve this?

Could this be gamma correction issue? Old Synfig v1.2 had gamma values 2.2 set as default and then new stable v1.4 changed default value to 1.0

When you saved to sif format from Inkscape gamma values set were for synfig v1.2 because the Inkscape convert to svg plug-in hasn’t been updated to newer version yet.


Thanks a lot I changed the gamma values to 2.2 and It worked nicely :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just proposed the changes for them: Update to synfig parameters >= 1.4.0 (!299) · Merge requests · Inkscape / extensions · GitLab

Thanks! :confetti_ball: :smiley: :confetti_ball:

So does your PR also fixes this issue? :arrow_down:
Update SynfigStudio v1.4 file format support (#4004) · Issues · Inkscape / Inbox · GitLab?

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Ouch! No!
We need to update Canvas version!

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Don’t forget to always do tests on a clean environment.
Some previous config files may perturbate the functionning of new versions.

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