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9 of the Best Free C++ Books … Part1.html

The Little Manual of API Design

Bruce Eckel’s Free Electronic Books:

<Edit 04/01> Freetype2 library is used in Synfig to render Text Layer until 0.64.0.
Now is Cairo Or Freetype based on original render method (usually called “Software”) user choice. <End Edit 04/01>

FreeType is a freely available software library to render fonts.
It is written in C, designed to be small, efficient, highly customizable, and portable while capable of producing high-quality output (glyph images) of most vector and bitmap font format
FreeType Documentation
Note that the FreeType documentation is also available as a single archive from the download page.
The FreeType Project - Lists

Text layer is rendered using Cairo only if you choose Cairo render. Freetype is still in use with the original render method (usually called “Software”)

sif file are stored in xml format.

synfig used libxmlplusplus library to parse xml files

libxml++ Graphical Class Hierarchy
libxml++ Class Hierarch
libxml++ Class List

Although the Gtkmm documentation is a must bookmark in your browser, this is a recent addition that would be interesting to keep in mind: … ms.html.en
Example here: … ultithread
From here: … 00055.html

The C++ Programming Language by Bjarne Stroustrup

Boost Program Options is (just) a dependency of the synfig cli … tions.html

Interesting thing about Beziers:

Programming with gtkmm 2 (until synfig will be fully converted to gtkmm 3 blackwarthog gtk3 branch)

Git Immersion, a nice book

Linux Upstream Tracker - API/ABI changes analysis for C/C++ libraries

“This service is intended for operating system maintainers to help in updating libraries and for software developers interested in ensuring backward compatibility of the API”

The service is powered by our free QA solutions:

  • ABI Compliance Checker - a tool for checking backward binary compatibility of a C/C++ library API
  • API Sanity Checker - an automatic generator of basic unit tests for a C/C++ library API
  • PkgDiff - a tool for visualizing changes in software packages