CODE:FREE - PDF magazine / art book for the FOSS scene

Hey all,

Just found this cool FOSS art magazine!

I’d encourage people to do some cool stuff with synfig and send it in.

I’m in communication with Chris as I plan to collaborate on the next issue. He says it’ll be out sometime next month so if you are planning to collaborate, send in your artwork soon!

Awesome, I can’t wait to see it! Hopefully someone will submit something cool done with synfig.

I think it would be great if they change the license to something more free: … eedom.html

How can I send a contribution?
I’m thinking on send this:

The license is meant to respect the individual copyrights of each artist. Not everyone can or wants to release under fully open licenses. For example, I did an album cover that I’m going to submit, but I can’t allow everyone to reproduce at will without violating the musician’s rights to control where and how his album art appears.

As to how to submit artwork, just contact Chris by e-mail (PM me if you can’t find it on his site). He’ll be glad to give you the info.

Fair enough about the licencing, art is usually about finished works rather than continually evolving stuff like FOSS.