Clean up the color dialog code

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Given that our review site ( is still broken, I’ll start the review discussion here.

I posted a patch to the sourceforge bugtracker that cleans up the code of the color dialog, making it easier to understand. Specifically, removal of the pointless use of a table widget, some refactoring of the code, some renaming of identifiers, some reordering of code, some removal of useless include and unused methods, and the removal of commented out code. … tid=757418

If you find this patch useful, please vote for it.


I think that’s very good! Code cleanup it’s badly needed, in my opinion. For example, today I’ve been working with shape layer, and the .cpp file it’s ~3200 lines, of which half aren’t used anymore AFAIK.

I’ve commented the patch in SF. If none is against I think you can submit it and close the patch in SF.
Thanks for your contribution Gerco! :slight_smile:

Applied in r2345.