Christmas themed animation with talking gifts

To celebrate the best time of the year, I did a xmas themed animation with talking gifts.

If Gifts Could Talk:
(I think I should warn you that, despite the visuals, the animations is kinda… violent)

This animation belongs to my series, Not Safe!, which I have posted before on this forum.

I tried to take more care with this animation than the ones I posted on the past. I reduced the brightness on the background of the scenes so the characters received the focus. I used “Alpha Over” to create the shadows and Time Loop to animated the christmas lights.

Merry Christmas everyone!

Although the violence themes are not for my taste, thechincally the animation is well done.

I understand that. I am not a fan of violence too, but I think that it depends on the context. On my animation, I used it to create a rather absurd scene, contrasting the cute gifts with unexpected violence, creating some sort of antithesis. The intension was not to create free violence.

But when the violence is extreme I don’t like it anywhere (except in games, maybe). Things like gore and torture are hard to watch for me and don’t cause good feelings.

Anyway, have a happy Christmas! :smiley:

Have you tried using indiegogo/kickstarter for the new series your making in August.

I thought about it, but there is many responsibilities that come with crowdfunding, and I don’t have the abilities to handle them.

One of these responsibilities is the rewards for the supporters. I don’t think I will be able to provide them. And then, there is a “pressure” to make something successful; what if I obtain the money but then the result is unsatisfactory? It would be disastrous, and the money from the supporters would be wasted.

My planning is to make a first season and see if “it works”. Then, I will feel more comfortable to use crowdfunding to make a second season.