Child Canvas in Parent Canvas: (child)hand1

Hi all,

I’ve just started on an animation piece where I’m following this tutorial. Initially it all worked ok, but I made some mistakes and cut and pasted the bits I wanted to a new animation. Now when I try to name a canvas (e.g. like how the names head1 and head2 are given in the tute), I get the following error:

Error selecting canvas:
Child Canvas in Parent Canvas: (child)hand1

Any idea what’s going on?

I’m using synfig 0.62.00 in Ubuntu 10.04.


Hi SinduPutha,
It would help if you share the sifz file and describe exactly when do you have that message.

Hi Genete, thanks for the reply.

I’ve attached the sifz. The steps I follow are:

  1. select layer named “closed” (or even open)
  2. Select “Other…” for canvas
  3. Entered a name for Choose canvas

handa-hami.sifz (2.88 KB)

Forget my last post. I just realised my mistake. I should export the canvas.

Sorry for the noise.