Checker board or warp problem.


I am having a glitch with the checker board or the warp layers. When they render, they do not match up to what it is supposed to look like on the canvas. Look here.

On the left, is the exported, and to the right, is the canvas. Needless to say, I want the left side to look like the right side. I didn’t change anything in between renders. The only think I could think of is to try to change the warp and checkers, but that would be hard because I would have to guess how much it is warped.

The third shot came out fine though. The 2nd and the 4th did not.

Edit: I’ve deleted the warp layer for the 2nd shot (the one that you see) and replaced it with another warp layer. This seemed to have fixed the problem. I didn’t do anything to the 4th shot yet because there seems to be an error message on the black screen. It’s not preventing me from doing so, but I’m holding off on it a bit.

It is possible that the warp layer were inactive in the left image?

Nope. It was checked. For shot 4, it did the same thing.

I forgot to send the error earlier.

seeing how replacing the warp layer with another worked earlier, I’m thinking this happened because I copied the warp layer from shot 2 and put it onto shot 4. I didn’t do that for my 3rd shot, and it came out okay. It’s just a theory. :confused:

Yes you’ve got a bad alloc with the warp layer. Looks like temporarily lack of available memory.

Does this mean I should continue this in a new project?

Oh btw, I fixed the 4th shot.

It might not be repeatable in some circumstances so just reopening the file could work again.

Thank you for your help.