Character Time Lapse

Completed a time lapse of a character on youtube and planning on finishing the second tomorrow and already working on involving both in an animation later on. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

Very smooth!
Any particular reason why you did not upgrade to Synfig 1.0?

Warning! :exclamation:
It seems to me that your character has six fingers in each hand!

Shhhh your not supposed to tell anyone about the sixth fingers :stuck_out_tongue: Although I did do it after returning from work so I wasn’t exactly in the best state to do everything without error. As for not going to ver 1 I haven’t gotten around to installing yet, I’ll probably do it after the second character.


I want to say, do it eyes closed… you should found only advantages in particular with the skeleton layer and the group transformation widget.

my best

Just installed Ver 1 and Liam Neeson had this to say…“I will find you, I will come after you, and I will hug you”

2nd character done…not sure if I want to continue these time lapses…