Character test & simple head motions

Hello everyone, I’ve been lurking around for months, but finally decided to make an account and hop into the action. Y’all are so inspiring.

Here are a couple very basic character head turn tests I did today. They aren’t perfect and I need to work on the mouth a bit more, but I figured I’d share anyway. I’m planning on a large(ish) animated project, sooo… we’ll see how it progresses.


**Edit: updated clip with sound:

I did most of the cutout art in FireAlpaca, animated in Synfig, then compiled in Virtual Dub and Movie Maker.

Quite nice. The character is intriguing so I wait for the whole story.

This woman (or is it a man? Seon?) looks sad. And scars on her body… Seems like you’re creating a sad story - I like those!

And about “talking test”, it appears to me like (s)he is croaking (like a frog :slight_smile:) instead of talking. So a bit of work on that part should be done.


@Svarov, haha yeah, I’m sure that weird head tilt doesn’t help the croaking appearance. I’ll work more on that. P:

The story is gonna be a serious kind of supernatural story, with ghosts and things. Seon is a DMAB possible trans* individual (?) so I was deliberately making the gender border blurry.

**Edit: Here’s a tweaked version with sound:
The mouth is still a little muppet-y, and there’s one weird hair jerk in there, but I think for a test run it’s alright. I’m gonna start on the main scenes now, I think.