character study: a little girl

hello, :smiley:
I have the project to make (may be, if I can) a cartoon, so I started a character study.
It’s not complete, I must do side views and three-quarters views, other movements …
For now, there’s a front vue :
and a running animation (that can be improved);
The colours are not yet fixed, I am still hesitant.

Hi mad0,
the character is lovely but I see something I dislike on her eyes. The white bright tends to act like a pupil which confuses me a lot. Maybe study other kind of eye would improve it.

Other than that, I love it.

L’animation est pas mal du tout mais j’ai l’impression que le bras gauche est plus grand que le bras droit :open_mouth:

It’s a good animation but i think that the left arm is bigger than the right arm :open_mouth:

Hello, :slight_smile:
and thank you for the comments :smiley:

Genete, I find too that there is a problem with the eyes. As there is no white, they look a little in the eyes of an animal, and the eye has no direction. But the stylized form was easily expressive. I redid the eyes more realistic, but I like them less:
I don’t want big eyes like in the mangas. Maybe I’ll try to find another form?

Sek, I shortened left arm. Is that better? :

I did a test of footprints in the snow, but as the movement of the legs is not perfect, it was difficult.

For clothes, do you think that these colors are beautiful ?

Thank you again :smiley:

I like the snow animation - nicely done. :slight_smile:

I do like the realistic eyes version. It is a question of taste. Eyes has lot of influence on the character personality so once defined the second, the first should match.

I love the fluidness of the walking on the snow. Pretty good one. Clothes are really believable and footprints works perfectly.


Hello :slight_smile:

Thank you Genete and pixelgeek :smiley:

There’s a new image :
I didn’t put shadows - I don’t know if I must really put them, it’s hard to animate with the shadows …


I think the reason the first eye type didn’t work is because the girl is quite realisitic looking. The white dots do look like pupils (maybe a little blur would fix that?) and she looks really evil with the angery expression :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the run, it looks really great! However, I think the back of the coat moves too much. I find it distracting, and to me, the coat looks heavier.
The footprints and snow are a really nice touch, I hope to see more animation with this character.

I like your character…it is lovely
Nice animation i must say!!!
Do not be hesitant about choosing your colors…your character is worth appreciating…
Make your best out of it.
Best of luck :slight_smile: