character pixelation on render

I’m new to Synfig and animation in general. I’m having trouble on the rendering part. I’ve tried rendering in .gif format (various quality settings) and .avi with ffmpeg. In both cases my character that’s moving around is very pixelated and a some areas of the background kind of blink as the animation plays. I’ve looked around for advice on what format to use for rendering but the array of choices is dizzying. Does anyone have any straight forward advice on why this is happening or the best way to render it? The image size is 720 x 576. The character that I’m using was drawn bigger and I’ve scaled it down to fit in the frame. My end goal is to use this animation for a website. I’m working on a Mac currently.

render in png and join with ffmpeg

mkdir dir synfig -i "project.sif" -h 576 -o dir/f.png ffmpeg -y -i "dir/f.%04d.png" -r 25 project.mkv

I’m not as advanced in my use of the terminal. Do you have a suggestion that doesn’t involve using the terminal? Maybe an application I could use to bind the pngs?

It is your opportunity!
It is your time to that you use your terminal

You can of course use pretty much any video editor that supports adding frames (e.g. Kdenlive). But really, command line is more effective for this task.

I render avi-files from the render panel within Synfig with ffmpeg as target and the wmf 7 codec selected under parameters at standard quality 3 without problems. Ffmpeg with mpg extension and H.264 codec works fine too. Maybe it is a Mac related problem. If you attach the sif file then I can check if it renders ok under Windows.

Here’s my animation. You’ll see the characters are a bit pixellated and when the dialogue starts around frame 240 the text is fuzzy. Thank you for your help!
scene1.sifz (33.5 KB)

If your scene file contains pixel files, like png, you have to include the files in the attachment separately or save the scene to sfg (container format) instead of sifz otherwise the png files won’t show after download. Forgot to mention that.