Character Designs

Some characters for I sci-fi I hope to make one day. Here for constructive criticism and because we need as many pictures in these forums as we can get.

Looking for criticism/suggestions as I mentioned; Also: I have a whole bunch more characters planned who don’t yet have designs, so if anyone has any ideas please post them here.

Just mention that if you plan to animate them try to:

  1. Place as less vertices as possible.
  2. Think on group the main parts for future Z Depth organization.

Regarding to the character designs I would tell you to take more risks at colour selection. Inclusion of some blue or gold color to the clothes would make them more interesting. Also some shadows would give them more volume.
Aha! and you have to think on do the hands! The most difficult thing! :slight_smile:

Finally I have to say that I envy your imaginative design capabilities. I don’t have them.

Good luck.

You’re right I should shade them - but it’s far too painful at the moment and I can’t face it. Maybe if/when the automatic gradient feature is implemented. I will mess with adding colour to the clothes, though.

Question: how do I place as little vertices as possible without sacrificing detail?

Really good job so far. The lack of hands seems ok to me :slight_smile: - I think they just lack a bit of shading

Maybe it’s just a bit weird that there’s no outline on the girl’s hair, whereas there’s outlines everywhere else. But I like a lot the hair the way it’s now, so…

Also, I like the clothes the way they are, all grey. No gold or blue for me ^^

That’s the kind of thing that comes with practice :smiley: But it seems you’re already good at that.