Changer "interpolation" par défaut

Bonjour je me demande comment changer le mode “interpolation” par défaut (à chaque démarrage de Synfig)
car le le “borné” ce n’est pas trop ça.

Comme j’aime bien être clair:
Je cherche donc à savoir si je peux avoir le mode d’interpolation “linéaire” au démarrage de Synfig au lieu de “borné”.

En lecture j’ai déjà lu ça:

Mais il n’y a rien dans les paramètres pour le modifier.


If you’re hardcore enough to compile synfig, you can change this line in synfig-studio/src/gui/canvasview.cpp:

synfigapp::Main::set_interpolation(INTERPOLATION_CLAMPED); // Clamped by default.

to whatever value you like and rebuild synfig studio.

In any case, file an issue on so that somebody who’s looking for something to fix can implement that option and you can track its progress.

// Sorry that i write in english on french sub-forum, but i decided that posting machine translation doesn’t make much sense

Hello, on GNU/Linux it is in which directory?
because I can’t find the “canvasview.cpp”

Doesn’t matter what platform you are on. As i said, it’s in synfig-studio/src/gui/ in source code, wherever you placed it to. It currently is not a configuration option, but defined at build time, so you have to rebuild Synfig Studio after changing that. … .cpp#L1164