Change the rotation axis - Cambiar el eje de rotacion

I want to know if there is a way in order to rotate any shape (or bline, or group of this) not from the center.

So i want to change the center pivot.

Thanks in advance for the answers.

Quiero cambiar el eje de rotación. Que gire entorno al punto que indique. Hay alguna forma de hacerlo o todavía no está?

Mil gracias por las respuestas.

Center duck (pivot point) can not be moved, if you like to do that you can move other ducks instead.

For your purpose, the better solution in Synfig Studio way is, you can just add a Rotate layer on top of the layers which you would to rotate, and adjust the Origin and Amount parameters in Params panel. and of cause you can manipulate the ducks of Rotate layer on canvas directly.

Also, the Rotate tool just do a rotation and won’t grab a real rotation. I mean, when you try to animate a rotation using the rotation tool you just are using the tool to place the stuff in two different rotated places, but the computer won’t place the stuff on any intermediate time along the rotation path. It just would produce a straight line between the start and end point.
To rotate things with a selectable origin of rotation just use the Rotate layer, as jcome mentioned.